The rarest and strongest of his kind. Zephy was made as a prototype for the V2 Great Demon Brawler's, Zephy has all the abilities of a normal Great Demon Brawler with the additional powers of Super Strength, missiles from his fingers, martial arts skills as good as Koji's, rockets on feet that can burn foes and allow him to fly, a sword stronger than normal Great Demon Brawler sowrds known as the "Zephy Needle", and the ability to stretch out his arms using the motors in his arms. Zephy was fightning Koji as his equal and could have easily killed him but would rather help Koji. angry at the Great Demon for mistreating him and using his for useless tasks such as fighting. Zephy warned Koji about the Great Demon's army of V2 Great Demon Brawlers that where just as strong as he if not stronger, Zephy even gives away the locations of the Great Demon's island base.

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