Zekk is a chimera Kaijin set to appear in Koji Reborn. Zekk has the head of a skeleton, arms that resemble a Tiger and a Bear's, and reptile-like feet.


Like all Great Demon Kaijin Zekk is skilled in martial arts and jump high and far through the air. Zekk has super strength, so strong that he was able to destroy a mountain with a punch, was moving mountains to find Koji, and when Koji was poisoned he was cracking Koji's bones with his punches. Zekk can materalize a Scorpion's Tail that is filled with a powerful venom that weaks the victim over the course of a week and will eventually kill them. The venom wares off after Zekk's death or if the special antidote owned by Great Demon himself is used. Zekk has a powerful regeneration that is equal to Koji's, Zekk can only be destroyed completely if his head is removed and his body destroyed. If Zekk's head is left afterwards he can still heal. Zekk is also durable enough to tank several of Koji's atomic heat rays to the face and survive being slammed into by Koji's comet form. Zekk is the Great Demon's personal favorite Kaijin of his own creation and was brought to great fury once he died.