Yaralan is a mutated dinosaur monster and a member of the Dinosaur Squad.


Soon to come...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength: Yaralan has super strength, the exact limit of his strength is unknown, but it is generally accepted that his strength easily surpasses the capacity to lift 1,000,000 tons. During the war against Blashee Yaralan had the strength to lift Blashee up and throw him.
  • Cyclone Tail: Yaralan has an extremly long, heavy and powerful cyclone tail.
    • Hurricane Winds: By swinging his tail side to side Yatalan can create powerful hurricane winds.
    • Water Control: Yaralan has the incredible ability to control water with his tail, even if on land. Once he has control over it he can move his hands to direct it where to go.
  • Fire: Using the fire stored in his pours, Yaralan can breathe a stream of fire from his mouth. It is srong enough to set an entire city block a flame. But against other Kaiju it tends to be kind of weak. He can also unleash it from all over his body in a fashion similar to Godzilla's Nuclear Pulse attack.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Yaralan has extremely powerful leg muscle, allowing him to jump high and far through the air. Yarlan can leap a whole mile in a single jump (if using enough leg strength).
  • Claws and Fangs: Yaralan has unusually long and sharp claws and fangs that allow him to incredibly dangerous and violent during battle. His claws are long and sharp enough to be able to harm both Godzilla and Rodan. But it stood no chance against Mecha-Godzilla, who sent Yaralan flying with one punch to the jaw.
  • Kicks: Yaralan has extremely dangerous and quick kicks due to his leg muscle. This was first shown when he and the rest of the Dinosaur Squad attacked Monster Island, Yaralan was tired and cornered by King Caesar and Gorosaurus. Yaralan kicked Gorosaurus in the head, breaking his jaws and knocking him through a tree. He then kicked King Caesar in the chest, sending him through a row of tree's. His leg strength is equal if not surperior to Gorosaurus' own. His next test of leg strength was his next battle with Gorosaurus, having finally healed from his jaw injury faced Yaralan in a kick battle, they did this until Gorosaurus was struck by lightning, Yaralan then knocks Gorosaurus through a series of tree's.

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