Xavier (ザビエル) is part Saiyan part Reiblood and is the main protagonist of the Xavier Z series. And is made by Goji64 to be the hero version of himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Xavier has enhanced speed, extraordinary jumping and leaping abilities, super strength, agility, fightng skills, a sword he can charge with energy to increase it power, flight, energy manipulation, and other powers. His exact power is unknown but he manhandled the three Kaiju: Jirass, Gomess, and Bemular. Besides his great skills as a fighter, here are some of his super powers:

  • Super Sonic Slash Attack (スーパーソニックスラッシュアタック Sūpāsonikkusurasshuatakku): Xavier takes out his sword and does a brutal sword combo on the opponent, if not killing this attacks everly injures most foes.
  • Super Kick (スーパーキック Sūpākikku): Charing his foot with golden energy Xavier flies at the foe and delivers a devistating kick, he can kick the foes once for an instant death or kick them rapidly to do what seems like cover their body in explosive energy.

Being a saiyan Xavier can turn Super Saiyan to increasse his power, his strongest form is Super Saiyan 3. It is also suggested that Xavier is part Reiblood because he can go tasnform in Xavmon and turn Reionic Burst, when in his Reionic Burst form his his battlenizer monsters turn burst aswell. His primary monster is Anguirus.