Goji64 can easily take out Toho’s entire Kaiju roster.

Koji is that much weaker than Godzilla and Goji64.

Croczilla has unlimited potential (said by several G-Force officers who witnessed Croczilla’s first two battles)

Goji64 dominates Grand King Ghidorah and FW Godzilla in a handicap match

Goji64 gains more super powers with the more energy he absorbs but the powers he gains after absorbing energy are rare to use.

Goji64’s power in the Ultraverse would be somewhere neat Ultraman Zero or Ultraman Taro’s level. *puts on armor* Attack this and rant this as much as you wan't I don't really care, I like the diea of current characters being stronger than classic characters (except for my beleives on how Showa Godzilla would pulverize Heisei Godzilla and Heisei Ghidorah).

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