Godzilla 2000 001

The concept of the Godzilla at that time Godzilla 2000

Height: 65 meters Mass: 25,000 tons

After the failed Mecha-Titanosaurus they take the left over dna from space godzilla and dna from godzilla 2000 then form it into a robot, creating Ultima Space Godzilla 2000.

Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 enters the city destroying half of it and his rampage is interupted by the current Godzilla (2000) he has a stare down with him.

Godzilla 2000 roars and attacks Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 having no effect as he grabs Godzilla 2000 slamming him and throwing him around as if he's a doll.

Godzilla 2000 becomes enraged as his eyes glow red and his dorsal fins keep blinking red. The new godzilla throws Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 into a skyscraper then following it with his full power atomic heat ray.

Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 bustses out of the sky scraper as his left arm is numb he shoots a atommic heat ray as he follows it ki blast knock Godzilla into a building. Godzilla 2000 exsplodes out the building fast.

He unleashes his atomic heat ray following it with his atomic tail blast killing him. Godzilla 2000 gives a roar of victory as he turns back down to his normal form Godzilla 2000 leaves going back to his ocean home.


Atomic Ray: Like his "father" Godzilla, USG 2000 can unleash a powerful atomic heat ray and his spines unleash a tremendous amount of heat while atomic ray is being prepared.

Corona Beam: Can fire a Corona Beam from its mouth that he can control midair

Super Regenerative Power: USG 2000 has amazing regeneration abilities, one time having his entire arm destroyed, it healed within seconds.

Super Strength: USG 2000 had the strength to easily dismember and kill monsters and was easily tearing sky scrappers up from the ground, even pulled up a slab of the Earth's crust. And for a short time USG 2000 was beating both Godzilla and Goji64 in hand-tohand combat.

Armor: USG 2000 has surprising strogn armor that can shrug off most physical attacks, energy attacks, and explosions.

Chaotic Blasts: USG 2000 can unleash energy beams and balls of dark energy from his hands that move extremely fast and that he can control in mid-air. These blasts have brute force and cancause explosions bigger than he.



can absorb energy by stealing it from his opponrents

can conduct energy through its touch

able to implant cosmic power in structures that can transmit a signal and have them act as an energy source

can encase his body in a shield to deflect projectiles

Ultima Burst: USG 2000 has an attack called "Ultima Burst" where he unleashes energy from his body to harm everyone and everything around him.


Ultima SpaceGodzilla 2000 looks exactly like Godzilla 2000 except the end of his tail looks like Space Godzilla's and he has shoulder with robotic skin.