Tora is a kaiju that User:Mothra12 made.
400px-Form 1


Serpentra once approached a mountain and used a small bit of his mystic energy on it. The piece of land came to life after he left, and has become Tora! He was 82 meters tall, could breathe in air, water, and outer space, and the orb on his head can shoot a glassy blue gem beam. Godzilla came and almost defeated the evil living mountain mutation, but when he was knocked down, the king of monsters thought he was killed. After he walked away, Tora used the last of his energy to become Tora 2.

Tora 2 is 128 meters tall, could breathe in air, water, and outer space, the orb on his head could shoot a glassy
400px-Form 2

Tora 2.

blue gem beam, and he could make the spikes on the orb on his head shoot out, hit his enemy/target then disentigrate, and make new ones quickly grow back. After Tora's transformation, he retreated into the distance.

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