Titanosaurus tn


Titanosaurus was a shy, aquatic dinosaur that was discovered by Doctor Shinji Mafune. When he informed his colleagues about his remarkable discovery and revealed to them that he could control the dinosaur, they thought he was mad. He was shunned from the scientific community, for they didn't believe him... but the scientific community was wrong.

However, as the aliens prepared MechaGodzilla for operation, Dr. Mafune went against his orders and released Titanosaurus upon a coastal city prematurely. The 2 kaiju attacked....eventually ending up fighting Godzilla and eventually they used supersonic waves to knock Titanosaurus off a cliff.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Titanosaurus posseses a great amount of strength even lifting Godzilla off the ground only using his mouth. He can open the flap on his cyclone tail, he shakes if from side to side to blow powerful hurricane winds onto the opponents, they are power enough to even knock Godzilla down and keep him rolling on the ground. He is an extraordinary jumper, jumping so high that he was able to destroy planes by slamming his chest into them. Titanosaurus is an adept swimmer.


Supersonic waves have been shown to cause Titanosaurus tremdous
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Left to right: Titanosaurus, Godzilla, and MechaGodzilla II fighting

enormousness pain, even stunning him.

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