Titanollante Wiki's Mascot
Species Irradiated Titanosaurus Mascot
Height Depends on file size
Weight 1.91 MB
Abilities Editing, Uploading, Creating
Weaknesses Stubs, Wanted Articles, Wanted Pictures, Wanted Categories, Wanted Templates
Enemies All Evil Articles
Allies All Good Articles

Titanollante is an irradiated Titanosaurus that lives in this Wiki and the bottom of the sea. He's Titanosaurus' cousin and this Wiki's mascot. Titanollante is really intelligent and will stop at nothing to protect the Earth and his Wiki, unlike his cousin. His appearance is like Titanosaurus', except he has two large blue wings, with a wingspan of 30 meters, he is more red than Titanosaurus, he has spikes at the end of every part of his spine, has more abilities, is 125 meters tall, and a smaller face. He eats plants, fish, sharks, and vandals.


Titanollante can do cool things, here's how he does them:

  • Titanornado: When he flaps his wings very hard, he creates the Titornado attack, in which a red tornado made of asteroids comes and does some serious damage to anything evil in it's way.
  • Dorsal Laser: The Dorsal Laser is created by Titanollante shaking his dorsal fin and doing a back-flip, then the first part of his spine bends and creates a straight and thin fire blast that deals quite some damage, it could be fatal if pointed at the heart area.
  • Electro-Eyes: The Electro-Eyes are created when Titanollante lets some particles called Minus and Plus go on each eye, when this happens, thunder comes from his eyes!
  • Aura Sphere: Titanollante has some aura in himself...
  • Steel Wings: Titanollante's wings are as hard as Space Titanium, and this could kill any monster if done right.
  • Breathing in Space, Underwater and Dry Land: Titanollante can breathe in dry land because he has lungs, he can breathe underwater because he has gills, and he can breathe in space because... I don't know...
  • Flight at Mach-7: Other than being very hard, his wings are very responsive, light and provide Titanollante with incredible speed.
  • Aqua Ray: Just like his cousin in Godzilla: Unleashed, Titanollante can emit a blue sound wave.
  • Tri-Titan Terror Attack: When Titanollante is in real trouble, and he's out of options, his last chance is the second strongest attack ever (Second to Godzilla's Full-Power Atomic Blast). To do this attack, he needs to do Dorsal Laser, Electro-Eyes, Aqua Ray and Aura Sphere at the same time and make them crash towards each other in order for them to fuse and create an attack that, if done perfectly, can surpass even the Atomic Blast. If it's aimed at the heart, the one that received the attack will explode. The only thing bad about doing this attack is, Titanollante will get weak.

Scrapped IdeasEdit

  1. Titanollante originally had Biollante hands instead of wings, but it was changed.

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