Koji after its Mutation

Koji is a monster made by Goji64 and this story was also made by *me* Goji64


Long ago on an acnient island...a monster was discovered it was discovered that the monster had been messing with the radio active plant on the island. A exsplosion when off on the monster as the monster began to glow white.

The Monster grew twice its size (up to the size of Godzilla) and crystals shot out of the shoulders and tail. He gave a roar of confusion then walked around the island causing havoc revealing to him his strenth.

Eventually after the rampage on the island the monster was dubbed as Koji. Eventually Koji had a change of heart, then was attacked by Ghidorah, the 2 kaiju batted eventually Koji killed the 3 headed demon. Later Ghidorah returned with Guiron then the Kaiju double teamed Koji, its was such a feirce battle,eventually he sent Ghidorah retreating after alomst killing him again.

Then after pounding Guiron some more he also sent Guiron retreating but koji was un aware that....GODZILLA (Japanese) WAS WATCHING!!!! He gave Koji his sings of approval then the 2 Kaiju went back to their ocean homes. Koji then became a part of Godzilla Team (Rodan, Gorosaurus, Anguirus, and ect.)