Takeo Ono is a artificial human who appears in the Koji Manga and the Series. When Takeo was first created he was violent and destructive, he walked into a random city, destroyed everything and killed everyone. He is later battled by Ryota Oshiro, Hideki Motoori, and Shizuka Moto. Takeo manages to fight all of them at the same time and almsot kills them but Ryota tries to convince him and accidentally refrences Takeo's past life. Takeo cries then escapes the scene. Later on when Ryota and his allies are on the verge of death Takeo saves them. Takeo was said by an old man to be the legendary "Super Human" who could transform into a giant metal hero and would someday kill Koji, Godzilla, and Goji64 (as said in the cave paintings). Refusing to beleive this Takeo travels to the cave and reveiws the paintings, he then tries to smash them but is stopped by Ryota.




Takeo puts his arms over his face in the shape of an "X" before he thrusts them down and scream "Begga!" he then transforms into Beggaman man. As Beggaman all of Takeo's normal abilities are enhance, he gains a "Begga Blade" that he can use in combat. Begga Handsaw from hand

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