Steelgon is a robot that is set to appear in the TV Series, Koji.

Subtitle: Steel Dragon (スチールドラゴン Suchīrudoragon)

Stats & TraitsEdit


  • Height: 90 meters
  • Weight: 200,000 tons


  • Energy Blasts: Steelgon can fire red energy blasts from its mouth in rapid succession.
  • Flight: Without a single flag of its steel wings Steelgon can take flight and it can fly swiftly and quickly through the air, still barely flapping its wings.
  • Armor: Steelgon's armor is surprisingly strong, strong enough to shrug off several of Goji64's atomic heat rays.
  • Laser Beam: Steelgon can launch a red laser beam from both of his eyes, this blast has lots of kinetic force and is explosive on contact.
  • Lightning Cannon: Steelgon can unleash explosive blasts on lighting up from his shoulders and down ontot the foe.
  • Gas Canisters: From both of his wrists Steelgon can launch gas canisters that can choke foes.
  • Rockets: Steelgon can launch pwoerful rockets from his fingers and toes. He can also fire huge missiles from his stomach.


The robots chest is its weakpoint, a beam coming through its chest can easily cause the robot to explode.