Sonic is a supersonic hedgehog that can move faster than the speed of sound (765 mph, which is faster than Mach 1), with lightning reflexes to match (hence the name Sonic). He is a laid-back and cool character .In EEnEZ he has a sort of rivarly with Eddy as they have raced twice so far.
175px-Sonic 4

Sonic the Hedgehog (Live Action)


Sonic is best known for his speed. He is shown to be the fastest character in the series so far.He has shown to be able to use his speed very well in battle. Another tradmark ability is his ability to roll into a ball andslam into oponents.This rolling ability , if enough speed is put behind it has shown to be able to cut threw steel.In EEnEZ he has the ability to transform into a suppressed Super form with less then seven Chaos Emerlds or a Chaos Drive.With the help of a Chaos Emerlad Sonic can use Chaos Control



Sonic has always been the fastest thing alive. But when Eddy came into the picture, Sonic proved his speed again. Now Eddy has sweared to become faster than Sonic.


During one of Sonic's older adventures, Sonic met Shadow. Since then, Sonic and Shadow have been fighting in everything. Trying to prove who is better.

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