Satan ZedEdit

Satan Zed is the very embodiment of evil kaiju, he is formidable adversary and has proven capable of feats that involve the defeat of Bagan, Ghost Godzilla and Super Godzilla all at once.

He looks much like a hulking Godzilla, yet his spines are red and more curved, his tail is around 300 Meters and his height is 250 Meters, his head resembles Red King's own except it is very curved like Godzilla's and has a nasal horn like Gomora, he also has a large red chrest atop his head that forms a frill, he is coated in thick red armor that forms red spikes. His legs and arms are incredibly muscular and give him a huge edge in combat.


His full origins aren't fully known, yet it is theroryized that he was once a herald of Desghidorah and a powerful adversary at that, he could literally manipulate his victims will and strength to wither increase or decrease, he at some point left Desghisorah and became a new and unique monster. Satan Zed can destroy worlds at an atom based level, his sheer punch has atomized worlds. Edit

Height: 200 meters

Weight: 400,000 tons


Soul Snatching: He can litteraly devour and snatch the souls of his victims.

Super-Strength: He is easily the strongest creture in the known universe and can destroy planets with his fist.

Super Speed: He is pratticaly Omnipresent.

Reality Warping: Level 5 Reality Warper, he can litteraly ben the fabric of space and time an use it to hs advantage, he can even make himself immune to other attacks.

Invulnerability: He can withstand almost any attack, and the one's that knock him back wouln't hurt him badly.

Regeneration and Immortaility: Godly Regeneration, virtually unkillable, he is also a Type 5 immortal that can survive any attack.

Weakness: None

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