Nytan is a lobster themed Kaijin set to appear in Koji Reborn.


Although Nytan doesn't have evil nature and doesn't like to fight he has great potential. Nytan can pull various weapons from his belt like whips, guns, swords, knifes, and shuriken's. Nytan has powerful claws that he used to easily murder some of the Great Demon's generals. Nytan is an expert martial artist and has unimaginably powerful kicks, Nytan can fire red blasts from his eyes and various blasts and beams from his claws. Nytan's shell easily repelled the Geat Demon's general's attacks. Nytan could spin around at super speeds in order to easily cut through his opponents. Nytan has super strength with enough physical power to keep a building from falling onto a little girl and even able to lift up school busses in order to jump onto another bridge to keep them from being destoyed by Koji's battle at that time. Nytan jumps range from a few feet to miles away.

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