Nega Goji64 has all the super powers of Goji64 only with a few new powers.

  • Flight: Nega Goji64 can fly at super sonic speed.
  • Super Strength: Nega Goji64 is so strong a single punch from him sent Goji64 out of the Earth's atmosphere. Nega Goji64's strength is unlimited like Goji64 and he has the potential to knock planets around like basketballs. His great feat of strength was being able to hold Goji64, Godzilla, and Koji all off at the same time.
  • Reality Warping: Nega Goji64 cam warp reality to make it look how he wants.
  • Chest Cannon: Nega Goji64 can open up his chest to unleash a cannon that fires a beam that can range from barely being able to harm Goji64 to being able to blow up planets.
  • Weapons: Nega Goji64 can warp his body parts into any weapon he desires such as guns, blades, and alien weaponry.
  • Superior Level Intelligence: Nega Goji64 is far smarter than any normal monster, he even calculated where Goji64 was going to attack and blocked it. He knows Goji64 entire moveset.