Mecha-Goji64 is the robotic counterpart of Goji64.

Stats & TraitsEdit


  • Height: 120 meters
  • Weight: 175,000 tons


  • Energy Ray: Mecha-Goji64 can unleash an energy ray from its mouth, this energy ray rivals Goji64's atomic heat ray in power.
  • Missiles: Mecha-Goji64 can fire missiles from its hands, feet and chest, these missiles are stored in built-in pocket dimensions inside the robot.
  • Eye Beams: Mecha-Goji64 can fire red energy beams from its eyes, in beam form Mecha-Goji64 has to wait several seconds after firing the beam to fire another. Mecha-Goji64 can also fire this off in the form of small energy blasts, when in energy blast form they can be fired off rapidly and devistate entire cities within minutes.
  • Blade: On top of right hand Mecha-Goji64 is a large blade that it can use effectively in hand-to-hand combat. It can also remove the blad to use it as a sword.
  • Buster Cannon: At will Mecha-Goji64 can morph its right hand into a huge cannon known as the buster cannon, this weapon can fire yellow blasts from it that can destroy mountains, entire citys and other monsters within seconds. The weapon can be removed and held with Mecha-Goji64's other hand to be used like a gun. Not only can Mecha-Goji64 fite blasts from it but it can also effectively bash foes with it,
  • Force Field: When Mecha-Goji64 has enough energy its can surround itself in a force field to protect its body but and the top area and the bottom area are exposed.
  • Dimensional Beam: Mecha-Goji64 can fire a beam from its stomach that can create portals to another dimension or warp object caught inside it to another dimension.
  • Flight: Using the rockets on its feet Mecha-Goji64 can take flight, Mecha-Goji64 is extremely quick and skilled at flight. The flames from these rockets can burn opponents.


Mecha-Goji64 has to have a certain amount of energy in order to put up its force field even then and the top area is exposed so a flying monster could shoot down into it or a digging monster could come out from below. It is also suggested that Mecha-Goji64's head is it's weak point.