Llahera is a bird/eel themed Kaijin set to appear in Koji Reborn.


Koji RebornEdit

Llahera is first seen fighting with Nytan in a Great Demon Training facility, Llahera defeats the weaker Great Demon Kaijin and prepares to kill it but the training session is cut short.


Llahera can shoot flaming rocks from its mouth that are explosive on contact. Llahera also has electric energy in his body that he can release as beams from his hands or from all over his body to shock any nearby foes. Llahera is capable of flight and could survive a fall from above the clouds into the ocean, Llahera can also fire a clear yellow beam from his mouth that was said to be as hot as the sun itself. Llahera wings where strong enough to block Koji's atomic heat rays at tank fire, Llahera had the physical power to chop tanks in half and to destroy a building with a kick. Llahera has powerful claws that could stand up to swords of other Kaijin.

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