Legend Godzilla is a Godzilla of unknown origins set to appear in Godzilla X as one of the main villains. This Godzilla has completely red eyes and he has a body like FW Godzilla but buffer like Heisei, his face seems to be a cross of Kiryu Godzilla and Heisei Godzilla.


Godzilla XEdit

Legend Godzilla has been confirmed as one of the main villains for this series and he'll do combat with Koji.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Legend Godzilla can unleash a poweful red atomic heat ray from his mouth, has extremely sharp claws that can cut through the toughest of materials with ease, immense strength level, enhanced hand to hand combat abilities, and strength superior even being like Gorosaurus and Titanosaurus. Legend Godzilla has extremely quick regeneration and can survie crazy things that would kill ordinary Kaiju like getting chopped in half.

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