Kaiji is a Lizard Kaijin set to appear in Koji Reborn.



Kaiji is excellent in martial arts, he can jump high and far through the air, and can morph his hands into scissors in order to become better in hand-to-hand combat. Kaiji can also disguise himself as anyone he's seen before such as Gin Kinjo, the man he spotted in an ally and killed him in order to take his appearance and gain the human form of Hisoka Higa who would use his combat skills to try to gain the trust of the S.K.S.A. Kaiji also has a sword he can pull from his belt called the "Kaiji Blade", Kaiji can use this sword skillfully in combat. It is also suggested that Kaiji has super strength, being able to stand up to Koji in hand-to-hand combat and even beat him in a grapple.

Hisoka HigaEdit

As Hisoka Higa Kaiji kept his martial arts skills and jumping abilities but also gained red lightning-like beams from his eyes. These beams can change from stunning humans to being explosive on contact. Hisoka Higa is dubbed as a fake by Koji and Daiki Kinjo the brother of the Gin Kinjo. Kaiji disses the disguise then tries to escape but is attacked by Koji.

Fake KojiEdit

Possibly Kaiji's strongest form and used yet again to try to gain the tryst of the S.K.S.A. as Fake Koji Kaiji has the abilty to fire dark blue blasts from navel core, a dark atomic heat ray from mouth, flight, leaping abilities. dark navel beam, and the move known as the "Demon Kick" which could have destroyed a contenent. He also hais a giant form that was never seen on screen.