Overload Godzilla walks threw the trees making his way into a grassland, he stops as he feels that somethings comming at him. He looks into the sky as Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 lands in front of him and gives a screech of rage knocking Overload Godzilla back into a tree.

Overload Godzilla spears Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 only knocking him back a few feet he shoots a beam of energy from his stomach knocking Ultima over on top of a rock. Overload Godzilla walks over and begins to pound Ultima just to get knocked off onto his feet after 7 hits.

Ultima hits Overload Godzilla with his Corona Beam knocking Overload Godzilla even forther back over sending toppling over. Overload Godzilla shoots energy from his tail and stomcah flipping Ultima over falling on his back Ultima lfts his head up and hits him with energy from his sholder crystals.

He swings his tail at full power reflecting the beam sending it back at Ultima, Ultima is sent flying into trees as theres a explosion. Ultima gives a roar of rage as he shoots crystals from the ground sending Overload Godzilla toppling over on his back.

Overload Godzilla tries to get up but is too tired. Ultima walks over and slams his foot on Overload giving a screech of rage but before he could finish him off he looks and sees a Kaiju army approaching.

Ultima and Overload just looks at them never seeing such a big army as it is full of some of the most legendary kaiju. They all give a their signature roars as Overload and Ultima just continue to gaze.

Winner: Draw: Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 & Overload Godzilla

To be continued.....

the continuation: Ultima Space Godzilla 2000 vs. Everyone

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