Goji64 had just woke up and then walked up out of the water and walked onto the island, he looked into the sky to see Ghidorah flying over the area blasting it. All the other monsters backed off because they where to afraid to fight Ghidorah except for Godzilla who walked up beside his little brother. The 2 roared at Ghidorah getting his attention, the dragon flys down and roars at the pair causing them to slide back a small distance. He lands in front of them and begins to growl angrily, hes inraged that Kaiju would dare trie to challenge Ghidorah, G64 growls back and G roars at Ghidorah again.

G64 chomps down on Ghidorahs middle neck, G punches Ghidorah in the stomach and right wing. G64 hits the middle neck with an atomic heat ray, G slaps Ghidorah with his tail knocking Ghidorah over onto his back. G and G64 move in on the knocked over Ghidorah, G and G64 growl, punch, and scratch at Ghidorah. He clobbers G with his 2 tails sending G flying, G hits the water and continues to lay in the water as he is to hurt and tired to get up. G64 looks in horror as he is horrified along with all the other monsters of the Island that his brother is injured, Ghidorah blastes off into the sky. G64 looks up and hits Ghidorah with 3 heat rays sending him flying out of the sky into the woods, G64 walks into the woods into the area where Ghidorah fell.

He knew it was time to finish Ghidorah, Ghidorah stood up and blasted gravity beams from all 3 heads at G64, G64's chest lights up blue as he reflects all 3 beams. Causing them to fly at Ghidorahs middle head blowing it up, he then blastes whats left of Ghidorah with 3 heat rays killing and roasting the dragon. The giant burnt body of Ghidorah falls and hits the ground with a loud thud, G64 hits the area with 5 more heat rays. The area implodes and goes tumbling into the ground as the area is covered with bolders and falling rocks. All the Kaiju on the island chear for G64 as G reawakens and shows G64 his sings of approval, G64 goes back into his ocean home as all the Kaiju continue to chear as G64 slowly disapears into the water.

Winner: Goji64

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