The evil divine moth known as Battra fired his Prism Beam at a building, bringing it down in seconds. As Battra charged his Prism Beam to destroy a building, a roar rang in his ears. Battra turned around and saw Mothra Leo flying in front of him. Battra roared and fired his Prism Beam, but Mothra Leo dodged. Mothra Leo fired Mega Breast Cannon at Battra, knocking him to the ground. Mothra Leo continued firing before grabbing Battra and dropping him. Battra flew upward and the two divine moths flew toward each other. Battra grabbed Mothra Leo with his claws, conducting energy into Mothra Leo's body. Battra flew to the ground and managed to pin Mothra Leo down. Mothra Leo struggled, but Battra fired his Prism Beam at Mothra Leo's eye, killing him. Battra roared in victory and resumed his rampage.

Winner: Battra

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