The extraterrestrial horror known as Hedorah was enjoying himself, something rare for the Smog Monster. He had destroyed Tokyo, robbing everyone's ability to breathe and turning them in horrific looking useless skeletons. As Hedorah continued walking, he heard a noise. He turned around. Nothing was there. He kept walking. He heard the noise again. Hedorah looked up and saw a tiny, indescribable object flying toward him. As it got closer, Hedorah noticed it's structure. He didn't know the humans could fly. The object landed on a hill and made noises. Before Hedorah could even respond, the figure was engulfed in a blinding light and...

Hedorah was now face to face with Jet Jaguar.

Jet Jaguar, now the same size as Hedorah, glared daggers at him. He had failed to save Tokyo from the Smog Monster, and he would destroy it. Hedorah took several steps back, his mind spinning. How did this 'human' grow to such huge size, and so quickly too? It didn't matter. He was making a mistake; the last he would ever make. Hedorah fired his eye beam at Jet Jaguar's shoulder, the beam's corrosive secondary effect melting the armor. Jet Jaguar ran towards Hedorah, but the Smog Monster sidestepped him and whacked him with his tail, knocking him to the ground. Hedorah stomped on the robotic human repeatedly, Jet Jaguar's armor melting every time Hedorah stomped on him. Hedorah grabbed Jet Jaguar and put him in his body, melting Jet Jaguar's chest. Wires exposed to Hedorah's acid dissolved in seconds. Hedorah dropped Jet Jaguar and roared in victory before resuming his goal to find some other place he could turn into a ghost town.

Winner: Hedorah

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