The pilots of MechaGodzilla II felt confident.

King Ghidorah gave a enraged screech. He fired his Gravity Beams at MechaGodzilla II, but the second MechaGodzilla absorbed it and fired his Plasma Grenade at King Ghidorah, knocking him to the ground. MechaGodzilla II fired his Mega Buster Ray at King Ghidorah, making him roar in pain as the rainbow colored beam exploded against his golden scales. King Ghidorah got up and unleashed hurricane winds from his wings, knocking MechaGodzilla II to the ground. King Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams at the downed robot, but MechaGodzilla II absorbed it and fired it's Plasma Grenade, but the three headed terror flew upward, allowing it to destroy a building. King Ghidorah slammed his foot down on MechaGodzilla II's back and fired his Gravity Beams again. He continued firing when something impaled through his chest. King Ghidorah roared in pain and died instantly. MechaGodzilla II got up and looked at King Ghidorah's murderer. SpaceGodzilla had arrived. SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona Beam at MechaGodzilla II, but MechaGodzilla II absorbed it and unleashed it's Plasma Grenade, but SpaceGodzilla summoned a crystal shield, reflecting it back at the robot. MechaGodzilla II crashed to the ground and SpaceGodzilla fired again. MechaGodzilla II got up and was about to fire it's Mega Buster Ray, when...


Something cut down MechaGodzilla II's head until it reached it's groin. MechaGodzilla II was split in half. The two halves of MechaGodzilla II fell to the ground and MechaGodzilla II's destroyer was revealed: Destroyah. SpaceGodzilla roared and fired his Corona Beam at Destroyah, making him roar in pain. Destroyah fired his Microscopic Beam at SpaceGodzilla, the cosmic saurian roaring in pain as his flesh dissolved. Destroyah kicked SpaceGodzilla in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. Destroyah stood over him and fired his Microscopic Beam again and again until something impaled his chest. Destroyah roared and died within seconds. SpaceGodzilla had summoned a crystal spire and impaled it through Destroyah's chest in his telekinesis. SpaceGodzilla roared in victory before summoning a crystal dome and placed the three giants in it, eager to see how powerful he would be.

Winner: SpaceGodzilla

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