Gorosaurus had quite a day.

He had been up all night trying to satisfy his hunger. He finally found a deer and killed it. As he was about to feast, a angry screech rang in his ears. Gorosaurus looked up and saw Mothra. Mothra screeched angrily at him, telling him he was killing the island's inhabitants. Gorosaurus snorted. So what? He was hungry. Gorosaurus roared at Mothra, telling him nothing would stop him from eating. Mothra screeched angrily again. The fight was on. Gorosaurus opened his mouth to bite Mothra, but Mothra flew back. Mothra fired her Antenna Beam at Gorosaurus, making him roar in pain. Mothra slapped him with her left wing, making him stagger back. Mothra flew at Gorosaurus, but the giant Allosaurus unleashed his Kangaroo Kick, sending her flying back. Gorosaurus clawed Mothra's eye, making her roar in pain. Gorosaurus bit on her wing and tore it off. Gorosaurus knocked Mothra to the ground and planted a firm foot on her abdomen. Mothra struggled, but Gorosaurus tore her head clean off. Gorosaurus swallowed Mothra's head and roared in victory. He then began to feast on Mothra's corpse. It was the perfect snack for Gorosaurus.

Winner: Gorosaurus

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