Bagan smiled evilly as he stood over Goji64, ready to decapitate him with a Plasma Beam. Goji64 closed his blood-red eyes as he accepted his fate. Bagan charged his Plasma Beam... only for a roar to distract him. Bagan turned his head around and saw a monster standing in front of him. Koji had arrived. Bagan looked at Goji64 and smiled and walked away from him and walked towards Koji. Koji roared at Goji64 to tell him to get away from the area. Goji64 did as he was told and ran off as far as his legs could carry him. Koji looked at Bagan in rage. Bagan charged his Plasma Beam and fired. Koji fired his Atomic Incinerator, resulting in a beam fight. The build up in power resulted in a massive explosion, knocking Koji off his feet. Bagan fired again, at Koji's chest, the beam pushing him back. Bagan stopped firing and smiled. Koji stood up, breathing heavily. He had a horribly shredded chest. Koji ran at Bagan and unleashed his Atomic Punch, but jumped back, screaming in pain. His hand had burst, gallons of blood flowing out of the wound. Bagan laughed as Koji jumped. Bagan bit on Koji's leg and fired his Plasma Beam, severing his leg. Koji screamed in pain. Bagan severed the other leg and smiled at his opponent. His spurs then crackled with electricity and diamond-like projectiles shot up in the air and landed on Koji. Koji screamed as the projectiles tore into his body. One of them penetrated his heart. Koji died within seconds. Bagan finished the Diamond Storm and roared in victory before heading off, ready to finish Goji64.

Winner: Bagan

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