Earth. Now. A miserable flaming planet. All life on Earth was no more. Fire was everywhere. And there would be nothing to put it out. But the worst sight was in Tokyo, Japan. Two Godzilla skeletons lay on the ground. Some of their bones were broken. The reason why they here is a horrific story yet to be told.

Burning Godzilla roared angrily as he fired his Hyper Spiral Ray at a building. Burning Godzilla walked into a building, bringing it down. The Futurains watched with agitated expressions. Suddenly, Emmy Kano got an idea. She then went back to the past, when Godzilla wasn't Burning Godzilla. She took him to the present, resulting in a battle that changed the life of the universe. Godzilla roared at Burning Godzilla. Burning Godzilla turned around and roared back. Almost instantaneously, Godzilla fired his Atomic Breath at Burning Godzilla. Burning Godzilla fired his Hyper Spiral Ray at Godzilla, making him roar in pain. Godzilla and Burning Godzilla ran at each other and grappled for a few seconds until Godzilla unleashed his Nuclear Pulse, sending Burning Godzilla flying on his back. Godzilla stomped on Burning Godzilla repeatedly until he bit on his leg and pulled him up and slammed him on the ground repeatedly. Godzilla grabbed Burning Godzilla's tail and threw him away. Burning Godzilla roared at Godzilla and fired a Hyper Spiral Ray at his shoulder, Godzilla screaming as his shoulder exploded. Burning Godzilla fired at his stomach, which exposed his intestines. Burning Godzilla charged one more Hyper Spiral Ray to finish the fight, when another Hyper Spiral Ray rammed into his throat, making him roar in pain. Godzilla then punched Burning Godzilla, which knocked him to the ground. Godzilla's eyes then started turning redder and redder. Lava-like rashes slowly formed on his chest, stomach, legs and spines. Godzilla had transformed into Burning Godzilla. There were too dying dinosaurs now. Burning Godzilla got up and they traded roars. Knowing they were even in power, they decided to use their strength. The two Burning Godzillas ran at each other, but the true Burning Godzilla slammed his fist into his opponent's stomach. They then grappled, until Burning Godzilla bit on the other Burning Godzilla's throat and ripped a chuck of flesh off it. The second Burning Godzilla roared in pain and coughed up molten blood. Burning Godzilla charged his Hyper Spiral Ray to finish his opponent, when he felt agonizing pain. The second Burning Godzilla then felt the same. Their meltdowns had begun. The two of them exploded. Earth was obliterated in less then 3 seconds. Humanity and all life on Earth were no more. Both Godzillas had succeeded in wiping each other off the face of the Earth, but Earth was destroyed in the process.

Winner: Draw

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