Burning Godzilla growled angrily at the situation he found himself in.

He was originally venting his last frustrations on Tokyo, Japan, but the Xiliens put him on Planet X to kill him with their trump card: Monster X. Monster X snarled evilly. He would have his revenge. He charged his Gravity Beams as Burning Godzilla charged his Hyper Spiral Ray. The two beams collided and the build up in power creates a massive explosion, knocking the monsters off their feet. Burning Godzilla got up and fired his Hyper Spiral Ray at Monster X's left shoulder skull, blowing out it's eyes. Monster X roared in pain as his eyes exploded. His remaining shoulder skulls at Burning Godzilla's chest, knocking him to the ground. Burning Godzilla got up and Monster X ran at him. Burning Godzilla sidestepped Monster X and bit on his back and fired his Hyper Spiral Ray, breaking Monster X's spine. Monster X got on his knees as he roared in pain. Burning Godzilla grabbed Monster X's throat and started to choke him. Monster X struggled, but Burning Godzilla was unrelenting in his assault. Monster X then fired his Gravity Beams at Burning Godzilla's head, making him roar in pain, forcing him to hold his head with one hand. Monster X then fired at Burning Godzilla's chest. Monster X pinned his arms to Burning Godzilla's sides to prevent him from escaping and continued to fire. Burning Godzilla struggled to free his arms, but it was no use. When he stopped firing, Burning Godzilla's heart and lungs were exposed. His heard was glowing red and was beating. Monster X smiled as he charged his Gravity Beams... only to be knocked back by a shockwave. Burning Godzilla had unleashed his Nuclear Pulse. Burning Godzilla was extremely nervous. One wrong move and his life would surely end. Monster X fired his Gravity Beams at Burning Godzilla, but the dying dinosaur sidestepped the beams and ran at Monster X and the two grappled. After a tense moment, Monster X suddenly released Burning Godzilla and grabbed his beating heart and ripped it out! Burning Godzilla screamed in pain and shock. Monster X had fooled him. As Monster X was about to crush the heart, he noticed that the heart was glowing more brightly. He then looked at Burning Godzilla and was shocked by what he saw. Burning Godzilla was also glowing brighter and brighter. His meltdown had begun. Burning Godzilla and the heart exploded, destroying Planet X. Monster X almost got his revenge, but Burning Godzilla's meltdown saved him in the end.

Winner: Burning Godzilla

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