Obsidius roared as he vomited lava all over the trees, burning them to nothingness. Obsidius then heard screaming underneath him. He looked down and saw a woman. Ann Darrow. Obsidius decided to help himself with her and reached out his hand to grab her, when suddenly, something slammed on his head. Obsidius turned around and saw King Kong standing before him. Obsidius roared in fury and punched King Kong hard in the chest, driving him back. Obsidius then mercilessly punched King Kong repeatedly before kicking him in the stomach, making him crash on his back. Obsidius grabbed King Kong's leg and spun him around for a few seconds before throwing him. King Kong got up and roared at his adversary. Obsidius ran back and curled into a ball and rolled at King Kong, but the Eighth Wonder of the World slammed his foot down on the ball, pinning it down. Obsidius forced King Kong off and stomped on his foot hard, making King Kong roar in pain. As King Kong hopped on one foot in pain, Obsidius ran behind him and slammed his fist down on King Kong's head, cracking the skull. Obsidius grabbed King Kong's jaws and pried them open and lava flew down King Kong's throat, burning him from the inside. Once the lava went inside Kong Kong's stomach, it melted the tissue in less than a minute. His organs melted, the Eighth Wonder of the World's life ended almost instantaneously. Obsidius roared in victory and resumed his rampage, not even bothering to eat Ann Darrow.

Winner: Obsidius

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