King Ghidorah's screeching echoed throughout space at he flew toward Planet X. He had been commanded by the Futurians to destroy Planet X to prevent possible invasion. But King Ghidorah was unaware he was headed for certain death.

Monster X had been commanded by the Xilliens to guard Planet X to fight any monster any army might send to destroy their planet. There would arrive a creature called King Ghidorah, creation of the Futurians. Monster X snarled at the dragon as the golden assassin landed in front of him. King Ghidorah screeched at Monster X, who in turn roared back. The battle for Planet X had begun. King Ghidorah fired his Gravity Beams at Monster X, the golden lightning exploding against his skeletal armor. Monster X chuckled at King Ghidorah's attempt to hurt him. He decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. He fired his Gravity Beams out of his eyes and they slammed into King Ghidorah's stomach, knocking him to the ground. Monster X grabbed King Ghidorah's tails and threw him away. King Ghidorah got up and his left and right heads bit on Monster X's arms, drawing black blood. King Ghidorah's middle head bit on Monster X's forehead and carried him in the air. Monster X flailed his arms about, weighing King Ghidorah down. King Ghidorah was shocked by his opponent's strength. They eventually reached the ground and Monster X fired his Gravity Beams at King Ghidorah's middle neck, severing it. King Ghidorah's remaining heads screeched in pain as the middle flew into the air. Monster X punched King Ghidorah in the stomach, his fist tearing into King Ghidorah's stomach. King Ghidorah's remaining heads bit on Monster X's arm and struggled to pull it out of his stomach, but had no luck. Monster X pulled his hand out, holding King Ghidorah's intestines. He pulled them out and wrapped them around King Ghidorah's right head and used the intestines to break it's neck. Monster X grabbed the last head by the jaws and fired his Gravity Beams down it's throat, making it explode. Monster X roared in victory, for he had saved Planet X from the arch enemy of the King of the Monsters.

Winner: Monster X

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