Destruction. Revenge.

Those were Gigan's only thoughts as he flew toward Earth. Anger-inducing memories of his previous confrontations with Godzilla played in his head over and over again. With a shriek of rage, Gigan increased his speed. Once he found Godzilla, that is, if he even could, he would slice out every organ in his body and steal his crown once and for all...

Hedorah enjoyed hearing the sounds of the panicked people underneath him. He enjoyed robbing their ability to breathe even more. Just the sounds of everyone's screams satisfied him. He had every right to be feared. Suddenly, something sharp rubbed against his head, putting a wound on it, making Hedorah croak in pain. The object landed in front of the Smog Monster. Gigan had arrived. He was originally going to kill Godzilla, but decided to vent his frustrations on this monster first. With a shriek, Gigan fired his Cluster Light Ray at Hedorah's chest, Hedorah croaking in agony from the intense heat. Gigan ran foward and slashed Hedorah's stomach with his blade, wounding his stomach. Gigan then kneed Hedorah, making him crash on his back. Gigan slammed a foot down on Hedorah's chest, pinning him down. He charged his Cluster Light Ray, when suddenly, he jumped off Hedorah, hopping on one foot, shrieking in pain. The skin on his leg was dissolving. Hedorah got up and laughed at his opponent before fired a sludge of acid at Gigan, the cyborg raising up a blade, allowing the unpleasant sludge to stain the blade a ugly brownish color. Hedorah croaked in disappointment. Gigan captured Hedorah with his cables and dragged him towards his now active buzzsaw. The front of Hedorah's acidic body was shredded as Gigan's buzzsaw done it's work. Gigan ignored the pain of his skin getting melted by the spurting acid. Gigan released Hedorah and stabbed his red eye with his blade. Gigan then threw Hedorah to the ground and sliced every area he could find, even biting on his tail and tugging until it tore off of the Smog Monster. Gigan did a belly flop on Hedorah's' back while his buzzsaw was activated, shredding Hedorah's back. Gigan grabbed Hedorah and flew into space and threw him into the Sun, where the Smog Monster met his end. Gigan roared in victory before heading back to Earth, in hopes of not only destroying Earth, but finally getting his revenge on Godzilla.

Winner: Gigan (Millennium)

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