Bagan frowned at his opponent. Hedorah was surprised Bagan didn't show any fear at all toward him. It didn't matter, he would kill this beast. Hedorah and Bagan ran at each other. They grappled for a few seconds, Bagan's fists tearing out of Hedorah's hands. Hedorah then released Bagan and wrapped his arms around his waist, trying to melt the armor on his stomach with his acidic body. Bagan's armor ultimately protected Bagan. Bagan then got on his stomach, trying to crush the Smog Monster underneath his ungodly weight. Hedorah struggled, but it was no use. Hedorah was crushed. Bagan roared in victory and resumed his rampage. He charged his Plasma Beam to destroy a building... only to hear a croaking sound. Shocked, Bagan spun around and saw a flying form Hedorah flying toward him. Bagan fired his Plasma Beam at Hedorah, but the flying monster dodged the beam. He slammed into Bagan's chest, but Bagan easily forced him off. The flying Hedorah then merged into his final form. Bagan snarled in rage. Hedorah fired a eye beam at Bagan's shoulder, the beams corrosive secondary effect ultimately failing to penetrate Bagan's golden armor. Bagan fired his Plasma Beam at Hedorah's chest, blowing a big hole in it. Hedorah croaked in pain and fired a sludge of acid at Bagan's shoulder. Bagan gave a annoyed growl as he wiped the unpleasant substance off his shoulder. Hedorah was shocked that he couldn't even melt one bit of skin on Bagan's humongous body. The spurs on Bagan's back crackled with electricity and Diamond-like projectiles flew into the air and slammed onto Hedorah's acidic body. Hedorah croaked in pain as the projectiles tore in his body. Bagan smiled watching Hedorah get assaulted by his Diamond Storm. Bagan fired his Plasma Beam at Hedorah's shoulder, blowing the arm clean off. Hedorah roared in pain and looked at Bagan in shock. Godzilla hadn't caused him this much trouble, so why was this beast much worse? He could imagine Godzilla's reaction to the futility of his attacks. He then decided the attempt to kill Bagan was no longer worth it. He then turned into his flying form and retreated. But that was what Bagan was waiting for. Without hesitation, he fired a Plasma Beam at Hedorah, sending him crashing to the ground. Bagan fired again and again at the downed Hedorah until the Smog Monster was no more. Bagan roared in victory and resumed his rampage, for real this time.

Winner: Bagan

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