Goji64 roared in pain as the evil energy from Demon Godzilla went into his body. Goji64 had become Devil Goji64. But Godzilla also had a secret. His Meltdown was about to begin. Lava-like rashes were on his chest, stomach, spines, and legs. Godzilla had become Burning Godzilla. Devil Goji64 fired his Atomic Heat Ray at Burning Godzilla. Burning Godzilla responded with a Hyper Spiral Ray to the shoulder, Devil Goji64 howling in pain as his shoulder exploded. Devil Goji64 punched Burning Godzilla in the stomach before grabbing his tail and spinning him around and throwing him. Devil Goji64 lunged at Burning Godzilla, but the dying dinosaur unleashed his Nuclear Pulse, sending his opponent flying back. Burning Godzilla stomped on him repeatedly before biting his tail and firing his Hyper Spiral Ray, severing the tip of the tail. Devil Goji64 screamed in pain as the tip of his tail slammed on the ground. Demon Godzilla's evil energy escaped Goji64's body and went into Burning Godzilla. Burning Godzilla screamed as he transformed. His body was completely red from the lava-like rashes on his body, spikes were on his legs and shoulders and his eyes were red. Burning Godzilla stood over Goji64 and fired his empowered Hyper Spiral Ray, decapitating Goji64. Burning Godzilla screamed in agony as his temperature had gone beyond 1200 degrees Celsius. He suddenly exploded. Earth was obliterated in less than 5 seconds. Demon Godzilla's energy escaped instantly and began it's search for another monster to possess...

Winner: Draw

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