Zilla shivered with fear at the sight of his opponent. But he was also enraged. He had heard that this beast was slain by Godzilla, but as he could see, Godzilla had failed. Destroyah laughed at his opponent. He looked nothing like his would-be murderer. Zilla gritted his teeth in rage. Just because he mocked the King of the Monsters didn't mean everyone had to insult him. He may have looked weak, but in actuality, he was a loathsome beast that slain whatever it found. Zilla roared in rage and ran at Destroyah. Destroyah flew upward and landed behind him and grappled the back of his neck with his tail and threw him over his head. Zilla dug into the ground. Destroyah tried to find his opponent. After what seemed like forever, he felt teeth sink into his tail and he was lifted into the air. Zilla had emerged from the ground and grabbed Destroyah's tail in his mouth. Zilla threw Destroyah to the ground. Zilla bit on Destroyah's throat trying to tear it out. But the millions of microorganisms that made up the killer easily threw him off. Zilla bit on his arm trying to tear it out of it's socket, but Destroyah forced him off with his tail. Destroyah fired his Microscopic Beam at Zilla's shoulder, making him yowl in pain as his flesh dissolved. Zilla bit on Destroyah's leg and reared his head back, tripping up Destroyah. Zilla bit on one of Destroyah's frills and tore it off, Destroyah shrieking in agony. Destroyah forced Zilla off and fired his Microscopic Beam at Zilla's snout, Zilla roaring in pain. Zilla ran behind Destroyah and bit his right wing off, Destroyah roaring in pain. Destroyah threw Zilla away and ran a considerable distance away. Destroyah's chest opened up, revealing a new attack. Suddenly, a laser threw itself out of Destroyah's chest. Zilla narrowly dodged and jammed his head into Destroyah's now open chest and crushed his putrid heart in his jaws. Destroyah roared in pain and died within seconds. Zilla roared in victory, for he had finally slain the living Oxygen Destroyer and proven why he was no pushover.

Winner: Zilla

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