Godzilla fired his Thermonuclear Breath at Biollante's face, making her roar in pain. Biollante recognized her rival. She hissed with fury. Godzilla growled in rage. Almost instantaneously, the two leviathans ran at each other.

King Ghidorah crashed to the ground, weakened from his injuries. That monster proved to be tougher than he thought. She had half disemboweled him and melted his middle head. King Ghidorah's life then faded away.

"He has fallen, my Queen."

"Poor monster," said Queen Vorticia. "We must bring him back."

Godzilla screamed as Biollante's Acid Sap dissolved the flesh on his face. Biollante growled happily. Her vines then tore into Godzilla's hand. Godzilla grabbed the vine with his free hand and bit it's head off. Godzilla fired his Thermonuclear Breath at Biollante's vines, destroying them. Godzilla ran at Biollante, but the giant plant rammed her head into Godzilla's stomach, making him stagger back. Suddenly, a familiar screech rang in their ears. Mecha King Ghidorah had arrived, and for a good reason. Biollante snarled to show that she was angry. Mecha King Ghidorah had the same emotion, except much worse. His sanity had lowered even further. He fired his Gravity Beams at Biollante's neck, making her scream in pain as acid and blood sprayed out of the wound. Mecha King Ghidorah landed on Biollante, planting his feet into Biollante's stomach. Biollante struggled, but Mecha King Ghidorah continued firing and soon Biollante was no more. Godzilla roared at Mecha King Ghidorah. Mecha King Ghidorah roared back. Godzilla fired his Thermonuclear Breath at Mecha King Ghidorah's wing, destroying it. Mecha King Ghidorah flew at Godzilla, but Godzilla bit on his left head and tore it off before decapitating his remaining heads with his Thermonuclear Breath. Godzilla roared in victory and headed to New York to rampage.

Winner: Godzilla (Millennium)

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