The golden terror flew across Tokyo, Japan, searching for Godzilla. Anger-inducing memories of his defeats keep playing in his heads over and over again. King Ghidorah screeched in rage and fired his Gravity Beams in frustration, destroying a building in the process. King Ghidorah seemed to have lost his sanity as Gravity Beams went all over the place. But the three headed dragon was unaware that he was headed for danger.

Biollante screeched as she fired her Acid Sap at a building, dissolving it in the process. As she continued rampaging, she heard roaring. These roars lacked sanity. For how Biollante was curious, but annoyed at the disturbance, she actually felt concern for the monster that lacked sanity. That concern vanished as a Gravity Beam slammed into her huge body, making her roar in pain. King Ghidorah had inadvertently fired a Gravity Beam at Biollante while his sanity was being erased from existence. Biollante roared at King Ghidorah angrily. King Ghidorah turned to Biollante and screeched in reply. Instantly, he fired Gravity Beams at the colossal plant, Biollante screeching in pain. Biollante's vines tore into King Ghidorah's stomach and pulled him towards her and she fired her Acid Sap at his middle head, King Ghidorah screeching as his flesh dissolved. King Ghidorah struggled to escape, but as he tried to free himself, the vines slowly pulled his intestines out, so there was no purpose. Then King Ghidorah got an idea. Biollante clamped her jaws around King Ghidorah's middle head and tried to tear it off. But King Ghidorah fired a Gravity Beam down her throat, making her screech and let go of King Ghidorah. King Ghidorah wrapped his necks around Biollante's neck, and applied pressure until blood and acid flew out of Biollante's mouth, the noise of bones cracking ringing in King Ghidorah's ears. King Ghidorah lifted her in the air and dropped her in the ocean. He then flew off. Biollante emerged from the water weakly. Just when her wounds began to heal, a familiar roar rang in her ears. Just as Biollante turned around, a Thermonuclear blast slammed into her face.

Winner: King Ghidorah (Heisei)

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