Ann Darrow had never ran so fast in her life. After her were the natives of Skull Island. Ann Darrow was getting exhausted, but she had to keep running to escape with her life. Suddenly, a thorn pricked her foot and she screamed in pain. This gave the natives the chance to tackle her to the ground. Ann Darrow tried to get up, but the leader pinned her down with his foot. Ann Darrow struggled, but something hard hit her head, knocking her unconscious.

The extraterrestrial horror flew across space, searching for a planet to drain life. He found Earth. Letting out a happy gurgling laugh, he flew towards Earth, getting hungrier just thinking about the taste of blood he was about to taste...

Ann Darrow's eyes slowly opened. She was looking at a forest from a high view. She then found that she couldn't move. She struggled to move, but she couldn't. She then discovered why she couldn't move: Her arms were tied to two sticks. Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, a horrible croaking sound rang in her ears. Her heart seemed to plummet into the pit of her stomach as she searched for the source of the noise. What she saw made her scream. It's body was a brownish color and it's eyes were crimson blood red. Hedorah had arrived. Ann Darrow screamed as she twisted and struggled to free herself, but her efforts were futile. Hedorah laughed at her efforts. As he was about to consume her, a roar of defiance echoed throughout. King Kong had arrived. Hedorah roared at him, but another roar was heard. It was Gorosaurus. Together, they would take this horrible beast down. King Kong plunged his fist into Hedorah's stomach, but roared in pain as he pulled it out. His hand's skin was gone. Hedorah knocked King Kong to the ground and tried to consume him, but Gorosaurus bit on his arm, but roared in agony as his teeth melted. When Hedorah got off of King Kong, the giant ape was nothing but a skeleton. Gorosaurus roared in rage and rammed his head into his stomach, but roared in pain as his green scales dissolved. Hedorah grabbed Gorosaurus, preventing him from escaping. Gorosaurus's skull was exposed as he died instantly. Hedorah roared in victory and looked at a screaming and twisting and struggling Ann Darrow. Now he shall feast...

Winner: Hedorah

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