They didn't know how they were going to do it, but they had to it: They had to kill Burning Godzilla before he exploded. Burning Godzilla just glared at them in rage. He had every right to kill them. Burning Godzilla fired his Hyper Spiral Ray at Mothra's wing and she crashed to the ground, crippled. Burning Godzilla finished her off with one more blast. Rodan slammed his wings down on Burning Godzilla's head, but Burning Godzilla's Hyper Spiral Ray sent Rodan's head flying off his body. King Ghidorah and Mecha King Ghidorah both unleashed Gravity Beams at Burning Godzilla, but the dying dinosaur decapitated them with his Hyper Spiral Ray. Biollante was nothing more than a giant flamming plant carcass within seconds. Battra's wings were blown off by Burning Godzilla's Hyper Spiral Ray, before his head was blown off. MechaGodzilla II and M.O.G.U.E.R.A were flamming scrap metal within seconds. Destroyah's wings and head were blown off within seconds. Now it was just one more to take down: SpaceGodzilla. Burning Godzilla fired his Hyper Spiral Ray, but SpaceGodzilla brought up a crystal shield, deflecting it back at Burning Godzilla, making him roar in agony. SpaceGodzilla flew foward to bite Burning Godzilla, but Burning Godzilla bit his neck and fired his Hyper Spiral Ray, decapitating the cosmic saurian. Burning Godzilla roared in victory, and later, cruel, unforgiving pain. Burning Godzilla's meltdown had begun. Then he exploded. The impossible had happened: Earth was destroyed. Even in his death, Burning Godzilla had proven why he was King.

Winner: Burning Godzilla

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