Bagan glared at the cyborg monster standing in front of him. Mecha King Ghidorah's organic heads roared at Bagan in rage. But Mecha King Ghidorah's pilot, Emmy Kano, had much more rage. Godzilla may have been evil, but Bagan was worse. Bagan charged his Plasma Beam. He fired. Mecha King Ghidorah flew upward, allowing the white hot plasma to destroy a building within nanoseconds. Mecha King Ghidorah fired it's Gravity Beams at Bagan, but the demonic dragon felt nothing. Emmy Kanos' rage increased.

"You will die, you bastard." Emmy Kano whispered in rage.

As if he had heard her voice, Bagan fired another Plasma Beam, striking Mecha King Ghidorah's left wing. Bagan laughed as Mecha King Ghidorah crashed to the ground. Mecha King Ghidorah got up and unleashed the Machine Hand.


Bagan still felt nothing. Bagan fired his Plasma Beam at Mecha King Ghidorah's heads, sending them flying into the air. Mecha King Ghidorah died instantly.

"NO!" Screamed Emmy Kano.

KIDS ejected out of Mecha King Ghidorah's body. Bagan destroyed KIDS with a Plasma Beam. Bagan roared in victory and resumed his rampage.

Winner: Bagan

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