The volcanoes in Seattle erupted and there were swamps of lava everywhere. But that was not the worst, SpaceGodzilla was there. Crystal spires broke the surface of the lava swamps. Unfortunately for the extraterrestrial Godzilla, another monster would arrive. A molten rock monster suddenly rose from the lava and roared at the top of it's molten lungs. Obsidius had arrived. SpaceGodzilla was startled by the sudden arrival of the creature. Before he could roar at it, he felt his skin get slashed and he roared in pain. SpaceGodzilla turned around to receive a Prism Beam to the face. SpaceGodzilla crashed on his back. Obsidius slammed his fists down on SpaceGodzilla's chest and he felt something sharp stab him in the stomach and throw him. SpaceGodzilla levitated so he could see his opponents. The other creature had white skin and had pink stomach skin. He had pink crystals on his back and the tip of his tail and even a crystal beard. Krystalak had hit the scene. SpaceGodzilla fired his Corona Beam at Krystalak and Obsidius, knocking them to the ground. SpaceGodzilla lifted the two monsters in his telekinesis and threw them in a lava swamp. SpaceGodzilla threw Obsidius away and jumped on Krystalak's stomach, pinning him in the lava. Krystalak unleashed his Crystal Overload, sending SpaceGodzilla flying off his stomach. Obsidius caught SpaceGodzilla's tail and threw him in the lava. With revenge on his mind, Krystalak jumped on SpaceGodzilla's stomach and slashed him with his claws and fired his Prism Beam. Obsidius joined the carnage and pelted him with hammer-like blows. SpaceGodzilla could feel his stomach flatten underneath the two creatures's weight and his skin melt from the lava. SpaceGodzilla forced them off with his telekinesis and levitated above the lava. SpaceGodzilla pelted the two creatures with his Corona Beam before impaling Krystalak's chest with a crystal spire with his telekinesis. Obsidius roared in rage and jumped at SpaceGodzilla, but SpaceGodzilla grabbed him in his telekinesis and impaled him on another spire. SpaceGodzilla roared in victory and resumed his rampage.

Winner: SpaceGodzilla

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