Zilla was confused to see giant crystal spires everywhere. What happened? That question would be answered by a shriek. Zilla spun around and saw SpaceGodzilla standing in front of him. Zilla roared at SpaceGodzilla. SpaceGodzilla roared back. Zilla slashed SpaceGodzilla with his claws. SpaceGodzilla seized him in his telekinesis and threw him on his back. SpaceGodzilla landed on Zilla, planting his feet into Zilla's stomach. Zilla fired his Flame Breath at SpaceGodzilla's face, forcing him off. As SpaceGodzilla flailed about wildly, Zilla grabbed a crystal spire and impaled SpaceGodzilla's chest with it. SpaceGodzilla roared in pain and died within seconds. Zilla roared in victory and began his rampage.

Winner: Zilla

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