Zilla snarled as he stood over Minilla. As he was about to tear his throat out, a roar that eerily resembled his rang in his ears. Then a large mass rammed into Zilla, knocking the surprised iguana off Minilla. Zilla turned around and was shocked by what he saw. The monster looked exactly like Zilla, except smaller. Zilla Junior had arrived. Zilla gaped at him in shock. Was he actually looking at this monster? He closed his eyes, thinking he was dreaming. He opened them. Zilla Junior was still there. He was really looking at him. One of his offspring had survived. Zilla, assuming his son also wanted to eat Minilla, walked up to Minilla and pushed him toward Zilla Junior. Zilla Junior looked at his father. Zilla was confused, why wasn't his son eating? He pointed to Minilla and then opened his jaws and closed them and then pointed at Zilla Junior. Zilla Junior understood what he was saying and looked at him, seemingly shocked, before shaking his head and firing his Atomic Breath. Zilla was knocked to the ground by Zilla Junior's Atomic Breath. Zilla looked at his son in anger and stunned shock. Did he just... he did. He attacked him. His son attacked him. He would make him pay. Zilla suddenly tackled Zilla Junior and bit on his throat, trying to tear it out. Zilla Junior clawed and kicked at him, forcing him off. Zilla Junior bit on Zilla's arm, but Zilla clawed him with his free arm, forcing him to release him. Zilla clawed Zilla Junior twice before swinging his leg and his leg slammed into Zilla Junior's, tripping him up. Zilla prevented his son from getting up by planting a firm foot on his neck. Zilla Junior clawed Zilla's leg, but Zilla ignored it and fighting off guilt, tore into Zilla Junior's stomach, pulling out his intestines. Zilla Junior roared in pain, but Zilla crushed Zilla Junior's neck with his foot, killing him. Zilla roared in victory and then sadness. Wait, scratch that, utter anguish. He had killed his last son. Tears ran his face before he ran off wailing in sorrow. Minilla watched him run away, both happy he was safe, and sad for Zilla.

Winner: Zilla

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