"Oh, no. We have not one, but seven Kaiju headed to New York."


This was true. Seven alien kaiju were heading to New York. One was a beetle-like monster with drills for hands. The other was a golden three headed dragon. The other had a chicken-like beak, blades for hands and feet, crimson red fins, a buzzsaw in it's abdomen, and one blood red eye. The other was a squid-like monster. The other had giant claws and a ape-like structure. The other was a robot and resembled a dinosaur. And the last one had black skin, cherry red eyes, skeletal armor, and had shoulder skulls.

"Oh my God... how is Gypsy Danger going to defeat all these?"

"We destroyed all those aliens, we should destroy these bastards."

Gypsy Danger got in a battle pose and ran at the seven alien kaiju and jumped and tried to slam it's fist on Monster X's skull. Monster X snarled and kicked Gypsy Danger in the stomach, knocking it back. Megalon spat his Naplam Bombs and they slammed on Gypsy Danger's chest, resulting in explosions. Gezora wrapped his tentacles around Gypsy Danger's arms and tried to crush them, but the Jaeger rammed it's head in Gezora's face, forcing him back. Hurricane winds threw themselves out of King Ghidorah's wings and slammed into Gypsy Danger, forcing him back. Megalon tried to drill a hole in Gypsy Danger's chest, but Gypsy Danger grabbed his hand and threw him away. MechaGodzilla fired his laser eyes at Gypsy Danger and they exploded against it's robotic armor. Gypsy Danger ran at Gigan, but the monstrous cyborg grabbed Gypsy Danger and pulled it towards his activated buzzsaw. Gypsy Danger's armor was shredded as Gigan's buzzsaw done it's work. Monster X fired his Gravity Beams and they severed one of Gypsy Danger's arms. Gypsy Danger's arm flew in the air and crashed in the ocean. Then Monster X grabbed Gypsy Danger by the head and tugged until it came off. Monster X threw Gypsy Danger's decapitated head into the ocean and all seven kaiju roared victoriously at the same time. Orga stomped over and grabbed Gypsy Danger's body and swallowed it. His flesh became robotic, his claws got even bigger,his tail got longer, and his roar sounded more robotic. Monster X felt proud watching Orga devour the Jaeger. They then continued their journey to one of the biggest cities in the world.

Winners: Monster X, King Ghidorah (Heisei), Gigan (Millennium), Megalon, Orga, MechaGodzilla and Gezora

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