Destroyah's Microscopic Beam incinerated buildings, costing many lives in the process. Suddenly, he felt a stabbing pain in his back. Utsuno Ikusagami had arrived. And he would kill this demon, no matter what. Destroyah fired his Microscopic Beam at Utsuno Ikusagami's shoulder. Utsuno Ikusagami watched in horror as his shoulder dissolved. Destroyah enjoyed every second of his opponent's suffering, which was indicated by a demonic laugh. Destroyah grappled Utsuno Ikusagami's throat with his tail and threw him to the ground. Destroyah fired his Microscopic Beam again before kicking him and grappling him again and throwing him to the ground again. Utsuno Ikusagami fired Sun Bolts from his forehead at Destroyah, but it did nothing to hurt the living Oxygen Destroyer. Utsuno Ikusagami stabbed Destroyah in the stomach with his Sword of Karasai and threw him to the ground. Destroyah grabbed Utsuno Ikusagami and dropped him on a building. He then landed a fair distance from his opponent. Then, his chest opened up revealing he was readying another attack. Suddenly, a laser slammed into Utsuno Ikusagami, knocking him to the ground. Utsuno Ikusagami was horrified as he started to dissolve. Destroyah roared victoriously before resuming his goal of erasing humanity's existence.

Winner: Destroyah

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