Krystalak growled as he tore down the Eiffel Tower. Then, a roar rang in his ears. Krystalak turned around and saw the armoured larva form of the demonic moth, Battra. Krystalak unleashed a Prism Beam at Battra, making him roar in pain. Battra fired a Prism Beam from his horn, striking Krystalak's chest making him roar in agony. He clawed at Battra with his claws, decorating them green with blood. He stabbed Battra's chest with his tail before throwing him and firing his Prism Beam again. Battra then transformed into his Imago form. He fired his Prism Beam, making Krystalak roar in pain and annoyance. He stabbed Battra's eye with his tail and threw him before unleashing his Crystal Overload knocking Battra on his back. Krystalak prevented Battra from getting up by planting a firm foot on his chest. He fired a Prism Beam at his remaining eye making it explode, killing Battra. Krystalak roared in victory before continuing his goal of destroying Paris.

Winner: Krystalak

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