Anguirus was in his cave at hibernation then he heard a thud. Someone must've moved in. Anguirus opened his eyes to see what it was, it was the big, bully ogre, Gabara trying to find somewhere for the winter. Anguirus roared in frustration and giving Gabara a warning not to come near. When Gabara roared his strange roar he graped Anguirus by the spiked head and electrocuted him. Anguirus saw blood on Gabara's hands it was Gabara's blood. Anguirus gave another warning, Gabara answered with a punch. Anguirus got very mad and rammed Gabara, stabing the ogre with the spike on his nose. Gabara kicked Anguirus once in the throat and twice in the gut. Anguirus needed help he needed Godzilla or Varan, but it was just him and Gabara. Anguirus punched Gabara several times in the face. Gabara electrocted Anguirus once more this time in the gut. Anguirus heard Gabara laugh. Anguirus hit Gabara with his shell several times, Gabara staggered back he was angry. Gabara punched Anguirus in the head, Anguirus head-butted Gabara,hard, Gabara fell back he kicked and shocked Anguirus, but the giant ankulosaurus wouldn't give in, this was his home he wanted Gabara gone. Anguirus bit Gabara in the arm Gabara tried to shake him, but it was no use, he was clinged. Gabara punched him reapeatitly finnally knocking him off. Anguirus bit his leg, Gabara shocked Anguirus once more. Anguirus had enough of the battle, he jumped in the air, but Gabara grabbed his jaws and pried them open, killing Anguirus. Gabara roared in victory before beginning his search for Minilla.

Winner: Gabara