Forgotten requester and written by Goji64 It was winter and Ice Rodan flew over the cold tunra, Fire Rodan flew in from the other side trying to find warmth...

The 2 crossed paths...

Ice Rodan head butted Fire Rodan sending him flyign from the sky and landing face 1st into the snow. Fire Rodan shook the snow off him and then looked up to see Ice Rodan flying dead for him, Fire Rodan jumped up out of the snow and shot a huge fireball at Ice Rodan.

It struck Ice Rodan sending him face 1st into the snow aswell, the wind picked up as Fire Rodan tool this time to hit Ice Rodan with a wind storm.

Fire Rodan flapped his wings rapidly forming a huge tornado in front of him. He shot it at Ice Rodan, Ice Rodan stood up and yelled and the tornado hit, he was sucked dead into the center of it.

The tornado exsploded into a white flash.

It faded out to see the bloddy and beaten up Ice Rodan standign there panting. Ice Rodan let out a battle cry then shot a blue fireball at Fire Rodans face. Fire Rodan stumbled back then face a roar of rage. Ice Rodan formed a light blue arua sround him and then begun to flap his swings in front of him rapidly formiing and ice tornado.

Fire Rodan was not going t die, his moyth light up orange as he let out an atomic heat ray at the icey tornado.

Just then Fire Rodan fired teh tornado. The tornado and the heat ray collided and after the tornado and the heat ray had been struggling for about 2 minutes Ice Rodan let out 3 ice fire balls into the tornado causing it to grow.

Fire Rodan focused more energy into the beam causing it to grow. This caused the Tornado to be pushed a little bit torwards Ice Rodan, Ice Rodan then let out a barrahe of icey fireballs into the tornado causing it to literly to crush Ice Rodans heat ray and hit Fire Rodan.

There was a exsplosion and it faded into white light, it faded in to see Fire Rodan lieing on the ground bloody and beaten. Ice Rodan landedin front of Fire Rodan and hit him with his freezing beam.

Fire Rodan now lyed on the ground frozen, Ice Rodan pecked at the ice causing it to crack, it busted off of Fire Rodan revealing normal Rodan. Ice Rodan gave a roar of victory as Rodan retreated.

Winner: Ice Rodan