Match both made and written by Kikomia

Tokyo.A peacefull city until the recent attack from an giant monster named Legion.She destroyed most of Tokyo until she was greeted by the sight of a superhero kaiju named Ultraman.He quickly jumped on her back kicking her in the face,until she let loose her soldiers.They crawled on Ultraman and soon his body was filled with them.They were clawing,biting even stomping on Ultraman.Altough this soldiers where small he never experienced these kind of pain before.He didn't know what to do so he kicked in many places.Many fell but many stayed.He started rolling on the ground squishing the legion soldiers. Legion sensing that her soldiers are destroyed quickly starts to charge her EM beam.

Ultraman very much damaged by Legion's soldiers can't hold up anymore and fires his Specium ray while Legion fires her EM beam and they collide exploding everything in sight including them.