Match both made by GodzillavsZilla and written by Goji64

Mecha-Titanosaurus was sent into the moutains to take out 2 monsters that where causing the Black Holes Aliens trouble. He landed to see Megalon stomping a small house and Gigan blasting the area with his eye lazer. Mecha-Titanosaurus whent into battle mode, as Megalon and Gigan slowly surrounding him, he looked forwards and looked back to see Megalon and Gigan growling at him. Gigan clashed his claws together then walked torward him, he quickly shot Gigan in the face and stomatch with his laizer eyes, exsploding on contact. He turned to Megalon and shot him with his green atomic heat ray, it hit Megalon in the face causing him to fall over. He then walked over to Megalon and picked him up then threw him at Gigan, the 2 Kaiju hit then rolled down a hill into another small vilage.

A vilage citicen: RUN!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! MONSTERS!!!!

Gigan got up and then destroyed 3 small buildings with his eye laizer, Megalon stood up and slammed his claws onto one. Mecha-Titanosaurus had just got down the hill and then he punched Gigan in the side of head knocking him into a small hut. Megalon fired 3 Napal Bombs at Mecha-Titanosaurus, he dogded them all again then flew up into the air and blasted Megalon with his Finger rockets.

He landed on top of a hut and then pounded Megalon and Gigan with his Finger and Feet rockets.

Gigans was bused open on his head and stomatch, and both his arms where blasted clean off, MT took up this opretunity to beat Gigan with his own arms. He grabbed them both and slammed his arms into them so he could control them. Thats when Megalon tried to attack him, turned around and chopped Megalons head clean off and then used the other claw to stab threw his stomatch. He then turned and prepared to finish Gigan, Gigan tried to blast MT with his Laizer Eye but MT stuck his claw out and reflected it. He then walked over and stabbed Gigan in the stomatch with his clae, he then shook Gigan off and gave a roar of victory then beat Gigans claw together.

Winner: Mecha-Titanosaurus

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